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Certificate: Accounting Technician

Course Overview:

The purpose of this qualification is to provide the learner with the skills, competence, knowledge and understanding to become an accounting technician. It also enables learners to progress further, to either the Advanced Certificate or the Diploma.

This is the introductory level of the AT(SA) qualifications. The Certificate: Accounting Technician Qualification consists of five modules. This level covers a range of basic accounting practices and techniques, from costing and double-entry bookkeeping to computerised accounting. The learner will also gain invaluable self-management and time management skills and will develop an appreciation of ethical issues and sustainability, which is essential for any workplace.

Accredited by SAICA for Accounting Technician qualifications:

  • SAQA ID: 73710
  • NQF level: 3
  • Credits: 120

The duration is variable, depending on the learners’ progress and previous experience, but it is likely to take between twelve and sixteen months.

There are no formal entry requirements in terms of qualifications, but it is assumed that the learners accessing this qualification are competent in language, literacy, communication, and mathematical literacy at NQF Level 2

CERTIFICATE: ACCOUNTING TECHNICIAN is the first level of the AT(SA) Accounting Qualification. We provide a solid base for building a career in accounting, finance and business. Our AT(SA) qualification equips you with the latest, and industry related knowledge and skills.

Course Structure


Students will be able to discuss accounting concepts, accounting frameworks, the fundamentals of the double entry accounting system, and VAT. The subject also includes discussion of the differences between cash and credit transactions and the books of prime entry.

At this level learners are taught the principles of recording and processing financial transactions, preparing and recording financial documentation and processing ledger transactions and extracting a trial balance.


Basic Accounting 2 teaches the student how to maintain and reconcile the cashbook, do banking procedures, maintain petty cash records, the journal and control accounts.

  1. Basic Costing

Basic Costing teaches the students the basic principles of costing and to provide basic cost and revenue information.

  1. Computerised Accounting

Computerised Accounting teaches the students use a basic accounting software system to manage accounting information, process business transactions and to produce documents and reports.

It also includes an understanding of the need to keep data confidential and secure. This unit is about how to use a computer system safely and effectively.

  1. Work Effectively in Accounting and Finance

Work Effectively in Accounting and Finance teaches the student to perform the payroll function, communicate effectively, work independently or in a team and develop skills and knowledge to meet personal and organisational needs. It includes prioritising, planning and organising work tasks with an emphasis on training and development to improve performance.

Upon completion of the qualification, learners will be awarded Certificate: Accounting Technician NQF Level 3 from SAICA/AT(SA)

With this qualification learners can enroll for FET Certificate: Accounting Technician which is registered at Level 4 on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).


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