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Finance for non-finance managers Course

Date &Venue || 20 – 21 October 2022 at Seven Villa Hotel, Sandton, Johannesburg-South Africa

I am inviting you to attend our Finance for Non-Finance Managers Workshop. This course is intended for business owners and managers at all levels in non-finance positions who want to improve their finance-related decision making and thus improve the financial performance of their company. The program will be presented through a mixture of lectures, practical exercises and case studies..

Businesses exist to make money; therefore, today’s managers need to be aware of the impact of their decisions on the business. As decision makers, managers of any company need to understand the financials of their business– its financial position, its profitability, etc, to ensure a high chance of their business’s survival and success.

Businesses need cash to operate and through their stewardship, managers should aim to continue to generate more money if the business is to continue to survive.  Money is therefore the input and the output of a business and success is usually measured in terms of how much additional money has been generated in the form of profits.


By the end of this course, participants will understand:

  1. The role of finance
  2. The business model and sources of finance
  3. Financial Statements (Statement of income and expenditure, statement of financial position and cash flow statement)
  4. Financial statement analysis
  5. The importance of working capital management
  6. Management accounting and key performance indicators
  7. The importance of break-even analysis
  8. Budgeting and pricing strategies


This two-day intensive programme is designed to help decision makers in non-financial positions understand the need for efficient management of financial resources in order to propel their businesses to success..

To register and reserve a seat(s) for yourself or your staff, kindly complete the registration form on the last page of the attached document and send it back to me. Kindly note that we’re also running this course on virtual platforms for those not keen to travel… 

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any more information regarding this event.